Mon, Jan 03


City Church Garland Upper Room

Corporate Prayer & Fasting

At the beginning of the year from Sunday evening January 2nd to Wednesday evening January 5th we are going to make for prayer and spending extended time in God’s presence and in His word through forfeiting some meals (fasting).

Corporate Prayer & Fasting

When + Where

Jan 03, 6:00 PM – Jan 05, 6:00 PM

City Church Garland Upper Room, 11540 Ferguson Rd, Dallas, TX 75228, USA


8:00 am - 1:30 pm Mon, Tues, Wed > Open for time with Lord, personal prayer, and prayer with others, come and go

7:00 pm Wed > Night of Prayer & Worship, all welcome

Many Christians haven’t spent much time engaging in the spiritual discipline of fasting and perhaps you have some questions about. So it would be appropriate for me to briefly explain what biblical fasting is and why Christians do it. 

What is fasting?

Christian fasting is a believer’s abstinence from food for spiritual purposes.

Fasting is saying  “This much, O God, I want you….This is the essence of Christian fasting: We ache and yearn—and fast—to know more and more of all that God is for us in Jesus. But only because he has already laid hold of us and is drawing us ever forward and upward into ‘all the fullness of God. "   - Hunger for God by John Piper 

“Fasting can be an expression of finding your greatest pleasure and enjoyment in life from God”  - Don Whitney, Spiritual Disciplines 

Why Fast? 

  • Strengthening prayer (Ezra 8:23; Joel 2:13; Acts 13:3)
  • Seeking God’s guidance (Judges 20:26; Acts 14:23)
  • Expressing grief (1 Samuel 31:13; 2 Samuel 1:11–12)
  • Seeking deliverance or protection (2 Chronicles 20:3–4; Ezra 8:21–23)
  • Expressing repentance and returning to God (1 Samuel 7:6; Jonah 3:5–8)
  • Humbling oneself before God (1 Kings 21:27–29; Psalm 35:13)
  • Expressing concern for the work of God (Nehemiah 1:3–4; Daniel 9:3)
  • Ministering to the needs of others (Isaiah 58:3–7)
  • Overcoming temptation and dedicating yourself to God (Matthew 4:1–11)
  • Expressing love and worship to God (Luke 2:37) *Anna

- From Purposes For Fasting taken from Spiritual Disciplines by Don Whitney 

During this three days of fasting we are going to have prayer meetings throughout the day and open up our church space for extended times of prayer and worship. We want to start the year off by earnestly seeking God and making space for Him and His will in our lives. We needs God’s guidance and wisdom for our church and for individual lives in 2022.

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