Current Sermon Series through Mark

Join us as we study through the Gospel of Mark. Here at City Church we aim to know Jesus intimately and accurately, and studying the life of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark can strengthen and fuel that pursuit. As you are reading through the text look for glimpses of Jesus; that is who He is revealed to be and what he does and how he does it.

My prayer is that we at City Church would see and savor Jesus through the Scripture, get to know Him more intimately and accurately and be changed to conform more into His likeness (John 17:26, 2 Cor. 3:18, Romans 8:29).

Pastor Keith Dollar

Come join us as we journey through the Gospel of Mark and focus on the most significant life that ever walked the earth. Mark focuses on who Jesus is, what Jesus did and what he called His followers to.

City Church Garland Sunday Teachings through Mark

Watch our Sunday teaching series through Mark on YouTube:

You can also listen to audio on the Sermon Archive page.

Redemption Stories

Throughout the series of Mark we are sharing redemption stories of City Church Garland members to encourage and inspire you and honor the Lord for His amazing rescue in each of these lives. 

City Church Garland is a nondenominational church in Garland, Texas whose passion and aim is to know Jesus deeply, love people genuinely and impact our world significantly through the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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