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Sunday School is available for ages 11 and under on Sunday mornings.  L.E.D. is for youth ages 12 to 15 and meets outside of Sunday mornings.

4 & Under

Parents with young children (4 and under) can bring them to the Lil Lights Classroom (first one of the right) just after the worship.


5 to 11

Children between the ages of 5 and 11 will be directed to line up outside of the sanctuary door after the Announcements and Testimonial time before going as a group to the Shine Classroom (right next to the Lil Lights Classroom)

Both Lil' Lights and Shine classrooms are using DigIn Curriculum to enrich and nourish the hearts and minds of your kiddos.



Light Emitting Disciples Ages 12-15
Matt. 5:14

Light Emitting Disciples (Matt 5:14) is a fellowship for preteens and early teens where every student learns about Jesus, is challenged to grow, and is introduced to an authentic community. This group meets on the fourth Sunday of every month.

The LED ministry started in 2019 after seeing a need to have a place specifically for CCG’s pre-teen/teenaged youth to develop friendships and have the opportunity to encounter the good news of the Gospel. The LED ministry serves the youth by being honest, authentic, fun, and passionate about Jesus. Our vision is to see every person in LED know Jesus more intimately and accurately and to have that impact on their daily life. We will seek to do this by being committed to prayer for the ministry, seeking to understand the felt needs of the youth members, and discussing topics and Scripture that may help prepare them as they become mature adults who will have an impact on the world around them.

L.E.D. meets once a month at Pastor Keith's home.

Email us for the date of our next meeting.

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