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Spiritual Amnesia

They forgot God, their Savior, who had done great things in Egypt,” Psalm 106:21 ESV

How could a person forget the Lord who has done so much to bring rescue to their life? Spiritual amnesia was an issue with the Israelites hundreds of years ago and it is still an issue with God’s people today.

To remember the Lord one must be intentional about recounting His works, reviewing His word and relooking at His character. We all need daily reminders of who God is, what God has done and what God has said. If we are not careful it won’t take long for a you and I to coast into spiritual forgetfulness & indifference. When we forget God, His word and His works then we tend to make the same mistakes the Israelites made.

When we forget God we tend to tempt him rather than trust Him. We tend to complain about Him and to Him rather than cry out to Him for help. We tend to rebel against His commands rather than joyfully obey God. And we tend to create idols to worship rather than giving our adoration & allegiance to the one Savior who is worthy of our worship!

Pastoral Thoughts from Pastor Keith

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